Woolly Mammoth Hair in Amber


This rock slice was crafted by hand before being cast in a quality clear resin. The size is approx. 4 inches wide. The inclusion in this piece is a sample of Genuine Woolly Mammoth hair from Northern Siberia, making this a unique collectable piece for all you dinosaur and Jurassic Park fans. The hair was purchased from a reputable dealer of ice age fossils and embedded with a mix of quality clear resin, resulting in an attractive window to the past where mammoths roamed the plains and forests. You can almost imagine an itchy Mammoth rubbing against a sap flowing tree.

The outer layer is covered with a gritty finish to mimic the natural amber crust matrix present when pulled from the mines.
Please Note: This item is a replica model, not the real deal. ONLY the hair sample is a genuine fossil.
Amber colour is optional. Please see additional pictures.

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