About Us

Welcome to Dinosaur Creations. A unique online store for rare dinosaur models, fossils and collectibles. If you're looking for something different in the world of dinosaurs,  you are in the right place. Thanks for visiting us.

The Founder

Hello, I'm G Robinson and am currently living by the sea in wet & windy west Wales, UK where the company is headquartered. Dinosaur Creations was founded in 2008 as a result of a life-long interest in dinosaurs and natural history and have been a huge fan of the Jurassic Park franchise ever since the release of the first movie back in 1993. From the interest these movies had sparked, I decided to start my very own business and bring to the market a new range of exciting models and collectables.

Company Overview

Dinosaur Creations was inspired by the idea of creating a new generation of very accurate and detailed dinosaur models and collectables.

Company Location

We are an online business based in West Wales, United Kingdom

General Information

Dinosaur Creations welcomes you to a whole new world of dinosaurs. Browse through our exciting range of models and collectables, we offer something for everyone. Share with your friends and become a part of the community. Thank you for visiting us.

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